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 What is WingTchunDo?

So What is WingTchunDo and who can do it?

WingTchunDo is an art for everyone it can be learnt from most age groups and it is never too late to start!

WingTchunDo not only increases health and physical performance but it helps you develop strong internal mental concentration and increases positive energy and focus in your life.

WingTchunDo (family tree of Wing chun) is a martial art and very effective self defense system that embraces and unites various disciplines. The root core system comes from the Wing Chun family tree of GM Yip Man. Believe it or not Wing chun is still relatively unknown in particular as a self defense system. I have personally travelled teaching around the world and was shocked at how many people did not know what Wing Chun was...

So we aim to change all that

WingTchunDo or literal translation is WingTchunDao which means 'The sword of Wing Chun'

It was developed personally by Sifu Fernandez and founded officially in 2005. It is a very well thought out  and practical martial art.

We take into consideration that most people desire IMMEDIATE SELF DEFENSE RESULTS AND PERSONAL SECURITY

and we work hard as a team to obtain that.

The art also allows the student to have a base training in various combat disciplines whilst studying the root core system of WingTchunDo. It allows the student to gain immediate experience and understanding the ranges and combat distances of other systems such as Boxing, Kick Boxing, Grappling,and the perils of arts such as Thai Box whereby Clinches, knees and elbows are used.

WingTchunDo is slowly growing and has expanded in 7 countries of the world

WingTchunDo is now also taught online and boasts the largest kung fu course in the world of over 90 hours.

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In the WingTchunDo community you can learn to obtain maximum benefits for self defense and at the same time expand and learn a beautiful with a history spanning over 300 years. 

You can be certified graded and aim to become an official instructor or even have the possibility of opening your own WingTchunDo school

About Sifu Fernandez

He started Wing Chun in 1972 under the Master Tsui Shun Tin lineage and he at the time was the youngest exponent of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Australia starting at the young age of 7. He stayed with this lineage for about 20 years.

He then moved his studies for a brief 3 year period in the 80s in the Yip Chun Lineage under GM Felix Leong. GM Leong was known for his hardcore training and encouraging his students to do full contact sparring.

He then moved onto other combat sports like Boxing, Kick Boxing, wrestling, Tai Chi pushing hands, Phillipino stick fighting, Escrima, knife and sword training. 

He then became student of the Leung ting Wing Tsun system and studied for approximately 18 years until he finally became a private student of Leung Ting...

in his history of Wing chun Studies Sifu Fernandez also studied and completed the Wooden Dummy and its application as well as the long pole and the butterfly swords the Bart Chum Dao...

With Sifu Fernandez's overall experience and years in the field also working as a Night Club Bouncer, security guard and body guard he brings his experience and wealth of knowledge to all who follows him. For further information on schools and wanting to join our WingTchundo community you can email us at fightermansworld@gmail.com or simply browse through our website at



Following is the lineage roots I am associated with directly and indirectly and is MY Martial Arts history.
To include pictures for all would be too lengthy so I will include only those pictures I deem the most relevant which show my lineage line; from the Yip Man Family Tree.

I am Sifu Fernandez I started Wing Chun in late 1972 under the lineage of GM Tsui Shun Tin

I believe my linegae would be best explained as :
GGM Yip Man-->GrandMaster Tsui Shun Tin-->Master Sifu Jim Fung-->Myself. Also, GrandMaster Yip Man-->GrandMaster Leung Ting-->Myself.

I have been blessed with many Sifus and have had the experience of learning with a great many skilled practitioners of Wing Chun both privately and in seminar settings and for this I am eternally grateful.

To honour and thank these people I will include their names below as very important pieces to my Martial Arts history.

They are, and in no particular order, Masters K. Kernspecht, Master Emin Boztepe, Sifu Salih Avci, Sifu Tassos, Sifu Fischer, Sifu Paolo Delisio, Sifu Luca Cesana, Sifu Maurizio Corti, Sifu Michele Stellato, Sifu Iadorola, Sifu Giannone, Sifu Cuciuffo, Sifu William Cheung, Sifu Paolo Cangelosi, Sifu Wong Shun Leung, Sifu Tony Psalia, Sifu Graham Kerschner, and Sifu Karen Armstrong.

All these Masters, Sifus and most importantly teachers have in some way either inspired me or shown me something that I hold dear and carry with me daily. I believe Lineage and tracing back the roots of where one learns Wing Chun/Tsun is very important in preserving the wonderful art that is known as Eternal Springtime...