what is wingtchundo

What is Wingtchundo?

  • WingTchunDo or the literal translation is WingTchunDao actually means ‘The sword of Wing Chun’.
  • It was developed personally by Sifu Fernandez and founded officially in 2004.
  • The root core or rather our home base comes from the Wing Chun family tree of GM Yip Man the teacher of the late Bruce Lee.
  • It allows the student to gain immediate experience and understanding the ranges and combat distances of other systems such as Boxing, Kick Boxing, Grappling, and the perils of arts such as Thai Box whereby Clinches, knees and elbows are used.

The Best Self Defense Course

For Beginners and Advanced Students with over 2 and a half hours content.

Wingtchundo Schools

Our schools are expanding globally. Most were based in Europe with its headquarters in Italy. 

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