Following is the lineage roots I am associated with directly and indirectly and is MY Martial Arts history.
To include pictures for all would be too lengthy so I will include only those pictures I deem the most relevant which show my lineage line; from the Yip Man Family Tree.

I am Sifu Fernandez I started Wing Chun in late 1972 under the lineage of GM Tsui Shun Tin

I believe my linegae would be best explained as :
GGM Yip Man-->GrandMaster Tsui Shun Tin-->Master Sifu Jim Fung-->Myself. Also, GrandMaster Yip Man-->GrandMaster Leung Ting-->Myself.

I have been blessed with many Sifus and have had the experience of learning with a great many skilled practitioners of Wing Chun both privately and in seminar settings and for this I am eternally grateful.

To honour and thank these people I will include their names below as very important pieces to my Martial Arts history.

They are, and in no particular order, Masters K. Kernspecht, Master Emin Boztepe, Sifu Salih Avci, Sifu Tassos, Sifu Fischer, Sifu Paolo Delisio, Sifu Luca Cesana, Sifu Maurizio Corti, Sifu Michele Stellato, Sifu Iadorola, Sifu Giannone, Sifu Cuciuffo, Sifu William Cheung, Sifu Paolo Cangelosi, Sifu Wong Shun Leung, Sifu Tony Psalia, Sifu Graham Kerschner, and Sifu Karen Armstrong.

All these Masters, Sifus and most importantly teachers have in some way either inspired me or shown me something that I hold dear and carry with me daily. I believe Lineage and tracing back the roots of where one learns Wing Chun/Tsun is very important in preserving the wonderful art that is known as Eternal Springtime...