Knowing More About WingTchundo
(Learn more about Sifu Fernandez’s Journey)

Wingtchundo history: Tsui Shung Ting with Grand Master Yip Man

GM Tsui Shung Tin was the oldest direct student of the late Yip Man and studied with him for over 18 years. Much of the study and training was concentrated on developing the fundamentals of Wing Chun, Self Defense and improving overall Health and body structure.

The Tsui Shung Tin lineage is historically recognised more as an ‘Internal’ Wing Chun which not only focuses on Defense but also Good mind, focus, increased mental concentration and improved health.

Wingtchundo history: Bruce Lee with Yip Man

 Sifu Fernandez dedicated approximately 20 years of his life with the TST family. During that period he also developed a passion for other combat systems and crossed trained with Other Combat systems.

These includes Boxing, Traditional Weapons, Kick Boxing and also much of the Shaolin basics including the Form and Hung Gar footwork with Shaolin Master Sifu Paolo Cangelosi. Sifu Fernandez had developed a good friendship with Master Cangelosi and spent many weekends sleeping over his masters house learning mainly Traditional  forms and many Shaolin based exercises

Wingtchundo history: Tsui Shung Tin with Sifu Fernandez

By 1992 Sifu Fernandez had a good grasp of training in several arts however he always maintained his roots in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Also, Sifu had decided to skip his High School studies and preferred to travel to Europe and deepened his training in Boxing with the Team Fernet Branca in Genoa Italy.

In the same team he crossed train in Savate , he had the opportunity to train with the Boxing Professionals although he was an amateur.

Wingtchundo history: Sifu Fernandez Boxing Days

He had 10 amateur fights which helped him immensely confront his fear of fighting and standing up for himself. His boxing teacher was the late Maestro Speranza who was a severe and strict technical teacher who was reknowned for carrying a stick in his hands which he used promptly to whack the students in the legs if they got too smart for their own good or didn’t do as they were told.

Sifu Fernandez often went home with sore legs.

Wingtchundo history: Sifu Fernandez with Grandmaster Felix Leong

GM Leung Ting was the last closed door disciple of the late Yip Man before he died. Sifu Fernandez dedicated much of his later life studying many aspects of the Leung Ting Lineage as the style was divided by European and Chinese Teachings. Sifu Fernandez learnt both methods however to Learn the Chinese way he travelled to Hong Kong.

Sifu Fernandez finally fulfilled his childhood dream and travelled to Hong Kong. There over a 3 year period he learnt directly from Grandmaster Leung Ting.

Wingtchundo history: Sifu Fernandez with Master Leung Ting

Sifu Fernandez also had the honour with doing private lessons with GM Chen Chuen Fun the 2nd Highest ranked Wing Tsun Master in the world.

Sifu Fernandez was asked to be GM Leung Tings Body Guard during a very proving court case which Leung Ting won.

Wingtchundo history: Sifu Fernandez with Master Chen Chuen Fun

Sifu Fernandez also was awarded the tite of ‘Sifu’ Directly from Leung Ting in China in front of HongKong Journalists and was advertised in the Hong Kong newspapers.

Sifu Fernandez had the privilege to travel and learn from many other renowned masters but the list is too
long to elaborate.

Wingtchundo history: Sifu Fernandez with Master Kernspecht

He completed the core system of Wing Chun/Tsun including the Mok yan Chong/Wooden dummy The Bart Chum Dao/Butterfly swords and the Long Pole.
He worked over 25 years as a doorman , bouncer and security guard. This experience helped him to qualify the efficiency of Wing Chun.