WingTchunDo Biomechanics Course Volume 1


The WingTchunDo Biomechanics Course is a group of exercises specifically designed to obtain numerous results.

It teaches you how to train by yourself and or with your partner. It guarantees to optimise flexibility, endurance and stamina whils’t learning Lethal Self Defense Skills at the same time.

There is no age limit as many of these drills are used for the elderly to increase body motor functions and also alleviates much pain around muscle groups and stiff or blocked joints.

Many claims have been made of these exercises to help alleviate pain for people suffering arthritis.
It increases your awareness of how your body works and throughout the course itn teaches you how to breathe to maximise the oxygen levels in your body.

Whils’t increasing strength and flexibility our course will teach you how to use the SAME exercises for Effective Self Defense skills.

Sifu Fernandez a long time student of Chinese Kung Fu developed much of this work in his many years of study and training. He started at the tender age of 7 in 1972.

Combining the mystical exercises used in Chinese Martial Arts this is considered a ‘Soft Internal’ methodology to strengthen the mind and the body.

We guarantee that you will start seeing positive results with regular training 2 to 3 times a week after one month from starting.

Get fit, toned, increase your flexibility whil’st learning self defense at the same time.


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