Il WingTchunDo è una communità di Arti Marziali. Cerchiamo persone interessati a presentare la nostra Sistema in Italia. Per ulteriori informazioni scrivi a

Wingtchundo Mission

  • To teach people, both young and adult across the globe the importance and techniques of  Wing Tchun Do, self defense and family protection.
  • Also to be able to teach organically, ie personally… and also around the globe. I have an online course to help students to create their own schools in any part of the world implemented with grading systems and certificates of recognition.
  • To inspire and provide powerful messages to the Martial Art and Self Defense community to inspire most importantly to people in dire assistance to self defense which covers so many areas of personal Self Defense.

The Best Self Defense Course

With over 2 and a half hours content.

Wing Chun Italia

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Wing Chun Italia